Art Beat Miami Celebrity Brunch with Chefs of the Caribbean

Art Beat Miami hosts an annual brunch celebrating art in Little Haiti during Art Basel Weekend. The 2016 brunch was hosted by our very own Chefs of the Caribbean, featuring a few of our chefs: Chef Creole, Chef Ron, Chef Michelle & Chef Dominique. Items on the menu were: Griot (Double Crispy Mangalista with Pikliz Cocoa Bean Dust), Bulgar (Sauteed wheat extra virgin olive oil, scotch bonnet peppers, charred green peas & Roasted Djon-Djon Marcona Almonds, Sauce Pois Noir (Liquid Black Beans), Chaka (Roasted Corn, Coconut Goat Head Water & Provisions), Curry Chicken and Parsley White Rice and a delectable Rum Cake, Coconut Grits with Spicy Creole Sauce and a few vegetarian options like Waffles with Fruit and Quiche. There were a variety flavors of Cremas, which was an instant hit. There wasn’t a empty belly by the time the brunch was over. Look out for a May Brunch for Haitian Heritage Month, and pencil us in for December 2017 as it gets better every year!

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