Caribbean Blend Coffee (Darker Roast)


Chefs of the Caribbean coffees are inspired by our group of celebrity master chefs and curated just for you. Inside each and every cup, our chefs share the taste of the islands. Masters of Caribbean flavor, our world-renowned chefs are celebrated for their culinary expertise, passion for cooking, and authentic mouthwatering dishes.

Take a trip to the island with every sip of the Caribbean Blend Coffee. Taste the Caribbean with our finest, high-quality, aromatic coffee beans. Chefs of the Caribbean coffee curated just for you. Enjoy the aromas and savor the sweet notes and flavors from our gourmet selection of island coffee.

Region:  Island Oceanis, Island Oceania, Jamaica Blue Mountain

Roast:  Dark

Cupping Notes:  Sweet Milk Chocolate, Dry Grapefruit, Raisins, Vanilla, Nutty, Strawberry

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