Chef Danny

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Owner & Executive Chef of Yarumba Restaurant

The distinguished Gastronomy professional, Danny Manuel Peñaló Dominguez, has been recognized by the city of Miami for his outstanding work in promoting Dominican cuisine through his participation in the Dominican Gastronomy Festival as well as multiple events with “Miami New Times” and “Chefs of the Caribbean” 

Danny Manuel Peñaló Dominguez, is the Executive Chef at Miami’s prestigious Dominican restaurant: “Yarumba, Un reto al paladar”.  Yarumba has been critiqued by “The Hungry Black Man” as the best Dominican Restaurant in South Florida. David Muir from “Island Origins” Magazine categorized it as one of the best Dominican restaurants he has ever been to.  

Chef Danny represented the Dominican Republic in the “taste the Islands” event where, along with the ambassadors of gastronomy from other Caribbean countries, he gave a presentation about the growth of Caribbean cuisine. 

Danny Manuel has been the host at events such as “Spice it up Miami”. He participated and placed second at the “Miami Gardens Food and Wine Festival”. He has been a guest for “Despierta America” and “Un Nuevo Dia”.

The young Chef has a Gastronomy column in the newspaper 809 News as well as a section in Impacto Positivo every Wednesday with Celina Herrera on 94.5 FM.

February 2020 Chef Danny together with councilwoman Digna Cabral and Peter Landestoy created the first Dominican festival at Doral with outstanding results receiving special recognition by the Federal State.

Rated best Dominican Restaurant

Chef Danny Featured on:

Univsion “Despierta America” & Telemundo “Un Nuevo Dia”

Gastronomic Editor, 809 newspaper

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