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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Born and raised in Haiti, Stephan Berrouet Durand is an award winning and highly acclaimed Chef receiving many recognitions for his work not only as a chef but for the creation and organization of Gout et Saveurs Lakay – Haiti Food & Spirits Festival and Taste of Haiti in Miami.

Using his passion for Haiti, Chef Stephan has represented Haiti in many events including his recent presentation at the White House for the celebration of Caribbean Cultural Month and the D.C Embassy Chefs Challenge representing Haiti with 31 other countries. Today because of his work, Chef Stephan is not only a champion and promoter of Haiti’s cuisine but an international champion promoting local cuisine and the use of local ingredients in the Caribbean as an ambassador for Chefs for Development. He also just received the distinction from the Académie Culinaire for Creole Cuisine as an ambassador for Haiti. Other invitations have included cooking at the World Bank, the Haitian Embassy in Washington D.C and the Haitian Embassy in Venezuela and Montreal en Lumière just to name a few. Stephan is the initiator of the new culinary movement and was featured in the first video of Haiti’s national tourism campaign “Let me take you to discover Haiti”. The Minister of Tourism Stephanie Balmir Villedrouin has recognized Chef Stephan on numerous occasions for his support, dedication and contribution for the promotion of Haiti’s gastronomy and the development of the countries culinary industry.

During his early college year, he would start his own catering business and would cook for college friends and family while pursuing a degree in Hotel & Restaurant Management. While continuing his studies, he spent a year in Haiti interning at one of the top hotels “El Rancho”. When he came back to the United States he decided to postpone his studies in Hospitality Management and attend Johnson & Wales, one of the most recognized institutions in the industry. While attending Johnson & Wales University, Stephan received many accolades as a young culinarian and was chosen to be part of the Taste of the NFL to support hunger in South Florida.

Completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications at the University of South Florida in Tampa he moved with his family to Ogden, Utah as a military spouse and joined the United State Air Force as a civilian-catering Executive Chef & Food and Beverage Director. Awarded twice for excellence, Chef Stephan was presented the coin for outstanding service by the Chief of Staff 4 Star General and Secretary of the Air Force.

He is the owner of Culinary by Design, a Personal Chef, Caterer and Culinary Consulting services. Previously he owned 2 cafes and opened Durand Food Services, which provided catering services to Army bases all over the USA.

He also cooked for some notable personalities like Florida Governor Jeb Bush, United States Air Force Chief of Staff & Secretary General, Haiti’s President, Prime Minister and Doctor Oz. During his invitation to Washington, DC by Haiti’s Ambassador Paul Altidor, two of his dishes were featured at Celebrity Chef Jose Andres restaurant Jaleo.

He is involved in several organizations such as the Haiti Chefs for Education, Black Culinary Alliance & The American Culinary Federation. In 2012 he co-founded the Haitian Culinary Alliance, a global association, which regroups culinary and hospitality professionals all over the world of Haitian descent.

Chef Stephan’s recipes are published in several magazines such as Magic Haiti, N.B Magazine, Rebelle Magazine & Sanctuary Magazine to name just a few.  Several publications such as Le Nouvelliste, Ticket Magazine, World Footprint, Lakay Weekly & The Montreal Gazette have written about him. In addition, he created recipes, which appear in an E-recipe cookbook for the handy spiral slicer.

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