Classic Mojito

The Mojito is one of the most popular rum cocktails served today, with a recipe known around the world.

  • 2 parts white rum
  • 4 lime wedges
  • 12 fresh mint leaves
  • 2 heaped tsp. caster sugar
  • 1 part soda water / club soda
  • Sprig of fresh mint
  1. Take the lime wedges and squeeze them in the glass. Gently press together the limes and sugar.
  2. Bruise the mint leaves by clapping them between your palms, rub them on the rim of the glass and drop them in.
  3. Next, half fill the glass with crushed ice, add the rum and stir.
  4. Top with crushed ice, a splash of soda and a sprig of mint.

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