Escape and explore the beautiful islands of Nassau

There’s only one place in the world that’s had a starring role in four James Bond films, hosted pirates of the Caribbean – both real swashbucklers and Johnny Depp – and is home to a private wine cellar of more than 250,000 bottles of wine.

Welcome to The Bahamas, a magical place of enchantment where you’ll find the lost world of Atlantis and flamingos that march on command, as well as 100,000 square miles of the clearest, most stunning blue waters on Earth. Just ask Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, who, when asked about his “spaceship’s-eye” views from the International Space Station, said, “The most beautiful to me are The Bahamas, the vast glowing reefs of every shade of blue that exists.”

Brush up on your knowledge of The Bahamas with these fun Island facts and interesting tales from Paradise. Source: nassauparadiseisland.com

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