Chefs of the Caribbean is inspired by our group of celebrity chefs, who showcase the cuisine of the islands of their origin. These chefs are masters in the kitchen and have been recognized worldwide for their culinary expertise and authentic dishes. We put all of their experiences and talent in one place so that you can enjoy a true and savory taste of the different Caribbean islands.

Are you a foodie? Are you vegetarian?

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We have recipes, spices, tips and tricks to help anyone be a chef of the Caribbean. Enjoy the allure of the islands and our finger licking dishes. It’s sure to be a treat!  Book a chef, buy aromatic spices, knowledgeable cookbooks, explore signature Caribbean recipes, make mouthwatering food bursting with flavor, purchase Caribbean gifts, find delicious inspiration, and enjoy over 100 combined years of celebrity chef experience.

We have all the staples of the Bahamas, Haiti, Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and more at your fingertips. Explore our website, download a flavorful recipe, shop for gifts and sauces, or visit our storefront in the Miami International Airport North Terminal D29. We look forward to serving you the next time you travel.